Sunday, January 30, 2011

Cocktails & Makeup

This was an great weekend. One of my best friends, Rachel, came down on Friday and we went our for dinner and drinks!  Rachel and I were college roommates and we both have an obsession with food and good cocktails :)  I took her to Rumba for dinner where we had Caribbean Nachos, Panko Shrimp and Charred Tomato Flat bread.  Rumba is a very cool tapas bar where the plates are smaller so you can taste more of their menu.  After dinner Rachel and I went to The Patterson House for drinks!  The Patterson House has AMAZING drinks!  We each had a "vodka cobbler" which was made with fresh blackberries and strawberries.  The ambiance is very 1920s with beautiful crystal chandeliers and velvet curtains. I highly recommend both places.  Great for a date night or Girls Night Out!


I have a slight obsession with makeup!  Kari, my maid of honor, works at MAC cosmetics which makes my obsession even worse!  She is always telling me about their new lip gloss or fluid line, which in turn makes me buy anything new MAC comes out with.  Here are a few of my favorite MAC products. 

Viva Glam Lady Gaga Lipglass
 Blacktrack Fluid Line Eyeliner

Dazzleglass- gloss with GLITTER!!
Haute & Naughty Lash

Here are a few of my favorite looks!

My BFF Kari was a Peacock for Halloween but not just any peacock an AMAZING PEACOCK!  Check out her makeup all done with MAC products! XOXO

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Engagment Pictures-AMAZING DAY!


So far one of my favorite things about wedding planning was securing the photographer and shooting engagement pictures.  My wedding planner, Meredith Zeller, with Bridal Blueprints set up my first photography appointment with Krista Lee Photography.   (If you click on engagments Dave and I are the first picture.)  Meredith knows who to work with and who is perfect for each of her brides! 

I knew that my photographer was the most important vendor for my wedding because the pictures are at the end what you have to remember the most magical day of your life!  I didn't want traditional altar pictures.  I wanted someone who could capture moments in a unique artsy way. 

I met with Krista at her studio and honestly didn't have to meet with anyone else because I knew she would be amazing.  You should visit her website and check out her amazing work!  She is the sweetest person as well.  When Dave and I met her on picture day she had a million ideas and told us exactly what to do, which was awesome!  Here are a few of my favorite shots. She took 567 shots too!!

In the fountain Downtown Nashville

Kouki our 130lb child...he will get his own blog post :)


I sure wish I could look like I do in my engagment pictures everyday!  I could not of done it without my amazing hair stylist, Katie McLaren.  I found Katie on Groupon (another site I LOVE)!  I have been to A LOT of stylists and some really great ones at that but Katie, WOW!  She should be in LA working on movie stars.  Her coloring and cutting skills are unreal!  She makes sure every piece of hair looks perfect and pays so much attention to detail!  I honestly had to start taking her card with me because I would be sitting at the nail salon and random girls would ask me where I got my hair styled!  If you need a stylist I HIGHLY reccomend her.  Click on her name to email her or comment that you want her information and I would be happy to set you up! Did I mention she does make up and Eyelash extensions too?  She is a MAC makeup artist!  She did both of those for me for my pictures and now I am addicted!

 Pretty Katie

Katie's Awesome Makeup

Lash Extensions...the best beauty invention ever!

Speaking of makeup I think that would make for my great next blog!! 


Tuesday, January 25, 2011

A Few Food Favorites!


I went to the gym this morning and when I got home I was STARVING and my normal morning Peach Activia yogurt was not going to do it!  I bought some frozen fruit last time I went to the grocery to make smoothies so that is just what I fixed.  It was DELICIOUS.

Do you remember the hand mixer infomercials? I used to be amazed when this infomercial came on and how they made whipped cream straight from milk with just this mixer.  Of course I was about 6 when this came out and have always wanted one.  Well my dreams came true! When Dave and I moved in together he brought his hand mixer!! 20 years later I am just as excited about the hand mixer.  It makes amazing smoothies with  NO mess!!

Strawberry, Mango, Pineapple Smoothie

1 cup Skim Organic Milk

1 cup low calorie Orange Juice (I like Tropicana's Trop50) 50% less calories and sugar

1 cup of Light Peach Activia Yogurt

1 cup frozen fruit ( I love mango, pineapple and strawberry)
Optional- scoop of protein powder

Blend together!


It is pretty filling as well!

Tonight Dave and I went to look at a few houses and came accross a cute little Italian place off HWY 100 in Nashville.  It was called Bria Bistro Italiano.  It was very good!  I had the flatbread with garlic, asparagus and prosiutto and Dave had the lasagna.  His was really good but I only allowed myself one bite.  The flatbread I ordered was pretty small but just enough that it didnt ruin my workout this morning!  I would reccommend this place for a weeknight dinner out.  Everyone was very polite that worked there and their specials sounded AMAZING!  I will certainly go back again!

More wedding talk tomorrow!

Monday, January 24, 2011

Productive...I Love It!


So this weekend was SUPER productive.  There is nothing I love more than marking tasks off my To Do list.  Dave and I booked our caterer, looked at 5 houses and booked our wedding band all in one day!!  I will tell you a little about each but I don't want to give too much away until after the wedding!!

I will tell you that our caterer is super awesome and one thing we are having is a Macaroni and Cheese Bar!

We booked our wedding band as well! THEY ARE AWESOME!!  I want to wait until after the wedding to talk about them as well....I just don't want to give everything away!! 


Today I went to lunch with a great friend Tracy to the The Picnic Cafe!  Tracy and I used to work together and her son Griffin is the ring bearer in our wedding.  The picnic cafe is located in the Belle Meade area of Nashville.  I had lowfat chicken salad. fresh fruit and a lemon blueberry muffin.  I had to take a picture of my plate because it was so pretty!  The ladies that work there were so sweet and polite.  Also, they had the best fruit tea I have ever tasted!  I really want to attempt to make my own fruit tea.  I highly reccomend this place for a lunch date!

My Lunch


6 -8 cups water

3 large tea bags

1 cup sugar

6 ounces frozen lemonade concentrate

12 ounces frozen orange juice concentrate

46 ounces pineapple juice

Total Time: 10 mins

1 Boil water, pour over tea bags, and steep for 5 minutes.

2 Add other ingredients plus enough water to make 1 gallon.

3 Stir and serve


I just got the new SELF Magazine in the mail today.  I have to admit on my night stand I have Cosmo and Glamour too and they are still wrapped in plastic.  I really need to get to reading!  In big bold letters it on the cover of SELF it says EASY ABS....not sure how much I believe that!  I do have Britney Spears (back in her glory days when she had an amazing body) as my iPhone home screen to remind myself that I should have her stomach by September.  The girl on the cover is Brooklyn Decker....ya know just an everyday SUPERMODEL.....GEEZ!

Well that is all for now. My 6:00 am gym class is going to come early tomorrow! 

Friday, January 21, 2011

Wedding Planner- A MUST


I am pretty much BUSY all the time and that is how I like it.  I do not like the feeling of being overwhelmed however, and wedding totally overwhelms me.  I like the dress and pretty party part of it but as far as thinking about centerpieces, table settings and linens.....not my thing.  I needed a wedding planner. 


Meredith Weiss Zeller got the job.  Well she was the only one up for the job because she is amazing and I couldn't imagine having anyone else.  Meredith is BEAUTIFUL and I certainly won't have to worry about the groomsmen not listening to her.  Her company is called Bridal Blueprints (great name, huh?)  She has amazing ideas, helps you save so much money and is the most organized person I know!  She could have planned my whole wedding in a week.  I highly reccomend you check her out if you or anyone you know needs a planner.


I recieved the most amazing wedding gift today!  A former intern, Lindsey, from KY of course painted me this guitar on canvas.  I LOVE IT! I cannot wait to hang it up!

That is all I have for today!  Tomorrow Dave and I are going to meet with a caterer, looking at 3 houses and going to see a band we are interested in having at our wedding...Have a good Friday night....I see a glass of wine in my future....or 2 :)

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Must Have's for the Week!

It's snowing in Nashville tonight, which makes great timing for writing my first blog entry....makes me kind of nervous.  I thought I would start out with a few of my favorite things and obsessions.


Right now I am trying to eat really healthy since I am getting married in September, and spend everyday working out.  Beleive me if I could eat french fries and chocolate chip cookies everyday I would!  I ate lunch at the 1808 Grille at the Hutton Hotel in Nashville today.  I had their fresh tomato soup, spinach salad with champagne vinaigrette and a side of sauteed spinach and kale mixture! (I do love Spinach)  It was AMAZING!  I am actually blocking rooms at the Hutton for my wedding and it is also where my bridal party and I will get ready before the wedding.  Everyone is so welcoming that works there!  I highly reccomend a visit.

1808 Grille

Rooms @ The Hutton


 I frequently visit Style Me Pretty which is an amazing wedding blog.  I was there a few weeks ago and saw this AMAZING BCBG dress that I fell in love with!  I finally found it online last night and bought it.  I want to wear it to our rehearsal dinner.  Not sure where we are having it yet but hopefully somewhere I can wear this amazing dress.  I was also watching the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills tonight...another guilty pleasure of mine.. and Adrienne had on  the most AMAZING shoes I have ever seen.  I rewond the DVR 3 times to catch the brand of them.  Considering she owns the Palms hotel chain....she can afford $3K shoes, I mean she probably only wears them once...wonder if we are the same size?!?! See pictures below!


eBay Image Hosting at

Gianmarco Lorenzi Swarovski Pumps- $3K


I am a gym rat!  I get a much better work out when I attend a class or workout at the gym.  I was able to make it to Nikole's amazing circuit class at 6AM this morning, however due the snow class is cancelled tomorrow morning.  When I have no choice but to work out at home I do P90X Plyometrics or Suzanne Bowen's Gorgeous Core.  Suzanne owns Seren Motus in Cool Springs. I highly reccomend it!

I think that is it for tonight...tomorrow I will post a few wedding updates!