Thursday, January 27, 2011

Engagment Pictures-AMAZING DAY!


So far one of my favorite things about wedding planning was securing the photographer and shooting engagement pictures.  My wedding planner, Meredith Zeller, with Bridal Blueprints set up my first photography appointment with Krista Lee Photography.   (If you click on engagments Dave and I are the first picture.)  Meredith knows who to work with and who is perfect for each of her brides! 

I knew that my photographer was the most important vendor for my wedding because the pictures are at the end what you have to remember the most magical day of your life!  I didn't want traditional altar pictures.  I wanted someone who could capture moments in a unique artsy way. 

I met with Krista at her studio and honestly didn't have to meet with anyone else because I knew she would be amazing.  You should visit her website and check out her amazing work!  She is the sweetest person as well.  When Dave and I met her on picture day she had a million ideas and told us exactly what to do, which was awesome!  Here are a few of my favorite shots. She took 567 shots too!!

In the fountain Downtown Nashville

Kouki our 130lb child...he will get his own blog post :)


I sure wish I could look like I do in my engagment pictures everyday!  I could not of done it without my amazing hair stylist, Katie McLaren.  I found Katie on Groupon (another site I LOVE)!  I have been to A LOT of stylists and some really great ones at that but Katie, WOW!  She should be in LA working on movie stars.  Her coloring and cutting skills are unreal!  She makes sure every piece of hair looks perfect and pays so much attention to detail!  I honestly had to start taking her card with me because I would be sitting at the nail salon and random girls would ask me where I got my hair styled!  If you need a stylist I HIGHLY reccomend her.  Click on her name to email her or comment that you want her information and I would be happy to set you up! Did I mention she does make up and Eyelash extensions too?  She is a MAC makeup artist!  She did both of those for me for my pictures and now I am addicted!

 Pretty Katie

Katie's Awesome Makeup

Lash Extensions...the best beauty invention ever!

Speaking of makeup I think that would make for my great next blog!! 



  1. Awww thank you so much for the shout out! You all are SO much fun to work with, I cannot WAIT for your big day! And BTW I LOVE LOVE LOVE your blog!!!! see you soon! :) -Krista

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