Monday, February 28, 2011

A Little Bit of This and a Little Bit of That!

Saturday Breakfast

This weekend was pretty relaxing!  Saturday morning I actually cooked breakfast....and it wasn't disgusting waffles!  I made omelets and they were HEALTHY. 

This is not mine but I forgot to take pics!

1 egg beater cup
Turkey Bacon
Fat Free Colby Jack Cheese

It was so yummy...Dave even loved it....


I have to say I am SO glad this wedding decision has been made.  Since there are not a lot of the same stores in my hometown as their are in Nashville, it was a little stressful trying to decide where to register.  Dave wanted to register wherever he could shoot the gun!  We decided on:

I LOVE Crate&Barrel and even though we do not have one near by, I know a lot of people would rather shop online these days.  We have a Bed, Bath and Beyond where I am from and the Macy's staff was so wonderful!  We are not completely done but plan on finishing up this weekend.


OK, So I am going to do it!  I am going to order INSANITY.  I hear it is supposed to be a really good workout.  I love going to the gym, and would much rather work out there than at home.  However, I want to up my workouts towards the wedding and maybe do INSANITY in the morning and a kickboxing class at night.  One of my favorite instructors, Nikole, said it was a great workout.  Her class is super hard and amazing, so I know if she said it is a great workout then it must be!  Don't worry Nikole, I will still be coming to your class!

After I do it for a few weeks, I will let you know what I think!!!


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