Sunday, February 20, 2011

Love Long Weekends!

Last week was CRAZY!  I went to Detroit to take Carter's Chord to sing the National Anthem at the Detroit Pistons game.  I wasn't really even gone for 24 hours.  We had such a good time though and they did such a great job.  They have a new single out called A Little Less Comfortable.  You can check them out at   Such amazingly talented artists!  We also went to this fabulous restaurant called Kona Grill which was amazing.  They do not have one near Nashville unfortunately. 

Carter's Chord and I at the Detroit Pistons game.

Dave and I were supposed to go to Kentucky this weekend to see my family.  However, Dave didn't get off work until 8:30 on Friday so we didn't get to go. I cooked jambalya Friday night with Turkey Sausage and chicken.  It was so easy and SO GOOD.

1 box low sodium Zatarain's Jambalaya Mix
1/2 Turkey Sausage Link
2 small chicken breasts.

Bring 2 1/2 cups of water to a boil.  Add jambalaya mix and meat (precooked).  Let simmer covered for 25 minutes.  SO EASY and so Yummy!

Saturday morning Dave wanted waffles.  Waffles really aren't on the pre-wedding diet.  I had bought some whole wheat waffle mix to try and we had sugar free syrup as well.  I mixed the mix with a little oil, egg, milk and water.

I used our new waffle maker that Dave's parents gave us.  The waffles looked so pretty I thought!

However,  they were a huge FAIL!  They were super grainy with no taste.  I do not recommend this mix.  Poor Dave ate them to be nice I think, but I wouldn't even give mine to the dog. 

After the bad breakfast experience we decided to go for a 6 mile hike in Percy Warner Park.  It was kind of cool outside but still a nice day.

Dave has to be a Cats fan by default!

After our hike we went to one of my favorite places to eat in Nashville, Bread & Company.  Check out the salad I ordered, pulled Turkey, cucumbers, artichokes, sun-dried tomatoes and their amazing balsamic vinaigrette.  I didn't eat the bread but I so wanted to!

Today we went to church at West End Community Church.  We have been going there for the past few months and really love it!  We went for a long walk this afternoon because it was so beautiful outside.  We checked out a new place in Hillsboro Village called Hot & Cold.  It is a local place that makes coffee drinks, ice cream and my favorite Las Paletas.  They are the best Popsicles in the world.  I had a coconut one today dipped in Oliver & Sinclair Chocolate! It was a a little bit of Heaven!  So that was my weekend so far!  I have the day off tomorrow!  I plan on making a trip to the gym 2 times tomorrow to jump start the week, with a pedicure and making a trip to Z Gallerie to look at a few wedding things. 


Speaking of wedding, my save the dates are DONE! I cannot wait to get them in!  Kari, my bff and maid of honor made them!  LOVE THEM!!!!

Ok that was a long one!!!


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