Friday, April 8, 2011

HUGE AWESOME NEWS!!! and lots of RANDOM info!

Ok well for me! MY DRESS IS IN!! Hope all this working out has paid off!  Now I can buy SHOES! I am so excited.  I didn't buy my dress in Tennessee so I have to wait a bit before I can try it on again!  Now onto shoes, hair accessories, jewelry, etc! 

I so need these! Really bad!

Dave and I are going to look at wedding bands tonight and I cannot wait!  I want one that matches the band on my engagement ring now.  Here is what I like....of course if I had an unlimited budget :)

I was reading a blog yesterday that I LOVE.  It is called A Day In The Life.  She is a wonderful blogger who blogs about weddings, DIY home projects and great dishes.  One day this week she blogged about the Rules and Etiquette of weddings.  It was so interesting to read the things that I don't really think about but are so true!  Check out her Wedding Wednesday...The Etiquette article here!

Rooftop Pool Deck


I am going to NYC with an artist for just 48 hours the end of May, so today I found this AWESOME hotel in NYC called The Empire.  I just found out from my cool office creative guru, Natalie, that Gossip Girl is filmed here.  Not sure the artist I am taking will care but I sure do! 

Off for some fake spray tanning and a glass of white wine!  I am going to a baby shower tomorrow for Baby Jack that will be so cute, stay tuned for pics!



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