Monday, May 2, 2011

Sorry I Have Been MIA!

So this last week has been SO crazy!  Dave and I have been on the house search full force and WE FOUND ONE!!  After making 3 offers on 3 different houses in one week, you could say we were a little overwhelmed!  We are SO EXCITED!  Once everything is just the way we want it, I will share some pictures.  I can't wait to do some DIY home projects!  Here are some things that both of us really like and would love to put in our new home. 

Concrete Countertops-My mom is who told me about these.  She has such wonderful taste and I am going to practically copy what she has done in her home....She is such an amazing mother....In honor of Mother's Day I'll be blogging about her this week!

Tiled Shower- The masterbath has an amazing tub and a separate shower that we would love to tile and make a little larger.  Here are some ideas.

 The first thing we want to do however is paint.  I am really into gray, thanks again to my mom.  What do you think about these colors?  Loving the bright white crown molding that is already in this house!!

Ok that is all for tonight....I need to work on our registry since we have some amazing friends throwing us a couples shower soon and I also need to work on some invitations for the wedding :)



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