Friday, December 30, 2011

It's Been A While!

Well...what can I say?  I have been a slacker on my blogging!  Buying a house...getting married...honeymoon...working...holidays...yea I have been busy!  But I am glad to be back.  If you didn't notice, I changed the name...yes AGAIN!  Bling Bling Cupcake Queen was way too long...and to be honest I am SO over cupcakes...and the last ones I made were not awesome!  I figure Sweat and Sequins is much more fitting!  Instead of catching you up on my life...I am just going to start over!

I have been off work the past week (Holiday Gift Week)  It has proven to me that I need something to do at all times....I get board :)  I officially became Mrs. Logue this week.  Talk about a process.....I mean I am not sure what is worse.....having the flu or being at the Nashville DMV....I say flu because at least you lose a few pounds that way....that place is AWFUL.

I have been cooking A LOT lately.  I get a new recipe off Pinterest each week to try something new.  Tonight we had this!

Slow Cooker Parmesan Honey Pork!
It was FABULOUS! I served it with Baked Potatoes and sauteed Zucchini.  Wonderful and pretty healthy Dinner!

If you are not on Pinterest, you are missing out on life!!  It is amazing and has the greatest ideas!!

I made this shutter Christmas Card Holder.  I got the plastic shutter at Southeastern Salvage in Nashville and spray painted it Black.  Then I used clothespins to hold the photos on the shutter.  After the holidays I will just put pictures up there!

Dave and I have done a lot of decorating to the on my list is curtains.  I can't decide on all white or a pattern.   

I can't believe that it is almost 2012.  This year has flown by!!  Dave and I are going to dinner with friends and to a NYE party afterwards!!  Big Question?!?!? What black dress from my closet shall I wear??  I mean I have enough for each day of the year!  

Here are a few dresses I am loving right now!!  All from Pinterest of course :)

Of course I need to look like these girls as well!! HAHA!  Well that's all for this post!  Have A Happy New Year.  Maybe New Year's Resolution Post next!?!?!