Tuesday, January 31, 2012

San Diego Part 2

We spent our third day in Coronado.  Which was so amazingly beautiful.  We did more shopping, eating and sightseeing.  I have to say the people that work and live there are some of the nicest locals I have ever met....I mean if you live there I am not sure how you could be mean.

My beautiful Mom and I before dinner at the Firehouse in Coronado. She looks more like my smarter older sister I know!  Dave has is great if I look like her one day! Love you Mom!

This was a cute house right next to the Dog Beach we went to.  It looks like it came straight from Pinterest!

Lemon Scone and Cappuccino at Cafe 1134 

Ham and Cheese Quiche at Cafe 1134  I highly recommend this place if you are ever in San Diego.  We ate there twice!

I brought Dave back some fudge from this fabulous candy store where they made all their caramel homemade!  

Sam, the goldendoodle that gave the best kisses!

View of the Hotel Del from the beach.  Marilyn Monroe filmed a movie here!

View from our nap with our feet in the hot tub!

We had such a wonderful time!! LOVE mother/daughter trips.

So next up at the house is our bedroom!  We finished painting it gray this weekend....still have to paint the tray dark gray...and that's not going to be fun...i swear the people that built this house got CRAZY with the crown molding in the bedroom....and since I get paint EVERYWHERE we have to tape tape tape....

I am even more excited because I got all new bedding....well I have had it for about 6 months but refused to use it until our bedroom was done.   I will post final pics this weekend when we are completely done.  Until then here are a few of my inspiration pics from Pinterest.

Source: ruelala.com via Sloane on Pinterest

Friday, January 27, 2012

Mother Daughter Trip to San Diego Part 1

Last weekend Mom and I took a mother/daughter trip to San Diego!  My mom and I travel so well together because pretty much we are the same person!  Other than a few driving issues all went very well!!

We took a late flight out of Nashvegas and got there pretty late on Friday night.  Never fear, we had killed a bottle of wine on the plane...ya know starting the trip off right!  As if  the night could get any better, we find out that Frontier Airlines..which might I add was a FABULOUS airline....served WARM chocolate chip cookies on each flight....I may or may not of winked at the flight attendant and got more cookies!  Check out this photo...can you find the problem?!? Women's Health, a bottle of wine, and cookies :) Typical!

The weather wasn't that fabulous on Saturday morning but since my mom is awesome, we decided to hit the beach anyway for a early AM workout in the rain.  Oh and I forgot to mention we got to the rental car place so late the night before that it was so unfortunate that the Ford Focus we had originally reserved had been taken...all they had left was a 2010 Black Camero....no big deal!  Needless to say, Dad and Dave were so proud!

After we worked out for a while we got ready and headed to Pacific Beach (where BFF Kari used to live) to SHOP!  They have the best boutique shopping EVER.  No joke, we took 2 carry on bags and checked a large EMPTY bag to bring back all the clothes in!  Yea first time I didn't have to worry about the weight of the bag...well at least I didn't have to on the way out there!

We lunched at Zanzibar in PB!  It was wonderful, so good that I didn't take a picture of the fab sandwich and salad we split for lunch!  Mom did try the Stone beer which was really great!  California original...haven't looked for it in Nashville yet!  Very light and refreshing!

After an entire day of shopping we headed to Coronado to check into the hotel we would be staying at the remainder of the trip!  The Loews Resort....yes Mom did an amazing job finding this hotel.  We had to drive 4 miles over the ocean to get there!  The resort was unreal.  We went to check in the room and received an upgrade to an ocean view.  Mind you each room was an ocean view but awesome...we got an upgrade!  Well it gets better...we get to the room and receive a phone call from the front desk asking if we wanted a Bungalow on the water....well OF COURSE WE DO!  A bellman came to pick us up on a golf cart and escorted us to our new room...excuse me...Bungalow....I could touch the water from the balcony, no joke!

Here are the morning views!  

Oh, I almost forgot they threw in a free wine key....key to my mom's heart :)

Sunday Morning we spend in Coronado and ate at an outstanding breakfast place!  I will blog about that tomorrow! There are a lot of pics from Sunday and Monday so I will split the posts up!

Hope you are having a great Friday night!  I changed into my PJ's at 5:00 tonight, made chili for dinner and have been relaxing all night.  Yes, very uneventful Friday night but oh so needed!  


Monday, January 16, 2012

Favor?!?! Please! :)

Hi there!  I need a favor!  A big one!  One of my artists, JT Hodges, is up for ACM's New Artist of the Year.  He is AMAZING!! He not only is a fantastic singer, songwriter, and entertainer; he is a wonderful person!  He is super talented and so deserving of this award.  Please go to www.voteacm.com to cast your vote.  You can vote once a day from every device you have!

Check out this video of him singing his new single, "Goodbyes Made You Mine"

His first single was "Hunt You Down"  You probably have heard it on the radio, but just in case you haven't here is the video for that single as well.

Last March I took JT to NYC to meet with some accounts.  Here are some photos from our trip.  We even made him stay in the same hotel as Sex In The City was filmed.

JT, Me and Keriann in the back of the cab.

All of us at Last FM/CBS Radio

JT and I  at the Hudson Hotel where a scene from Sex and the City was filmed.  Love that I was in the same room the Carrie Bradshaw had been in :)..ok so I am lame..I know :) 

This is the bar we all were at and where that scene was filmed!  

All of visiting VEVO

So pretty pretty please VOTE VOTE VOTE...oh and tell your friends!



Sunday, January 15, 2012

Around The House

Now that the holidays are over and yes my Christmas tree finally came down as of yesterday...I am going to get back to decorating.  If I just had about 2 weeks with nothing else to do then I may get something done, but unfortunately that is not the case.  My wonderful parents came in last weekend to help with a few things.  My Dad and Dave hung our new dining room chandelier.

Allen Roth purchased at Lowe's

We painted our bathroom a while ago.  The color is Man Cave by Valspar.  FYI I dislike Valspar paint.  I will get this color from Sherwin Williams from now on.  The Valspar paint is like painting with whipped cream. YUCK.

I bought this cute organizer at IKEA.  It is perfect for Q-Tips, Cotton Balls and Bobby Pins.  

Next on my list is framing all of our bathroom mirrors and purchasing curtains.  OMG we have so many windows in this house we may be curtain broke.  Here are a few ideas!

Mirror Framing!

Curtain Ideas

Next week is going to be crazy.  I am actually off work tomorrow but I am going in so that I can catch up on a lot of busy work.  Tuesday night I have a Grammy party, Wed is Troy's gym class, Thurs. is Megan's baby  shower and Friday I am leaving for San Diego with my mom....Yep it is going to be a busy week!

Enjoy your Sunday!


Thursday, January 12, 2012

What I like right now!

It is freezing in Nashville,  It actually snowed today...not much...but when you say snow here...all the milk, eggs and bread quickly disappear out of all the grocery stores... Sadly,  there will be school/work tomorrow!

One of my resolutions this year was to make better food choices.  Well it has went pretty well.  I mean I still have already had my fair share of cookies...I think I have a cookie addiction problem...seriously...

Luna Bars-  I have tried every flavor.  They are nutrition bars for women and they are DELICIOUS!

Here is a statement off of their site.  www.lunabar.com

Created by and for women, LUNA bars were the first bar just for us, with the vitamins and minerals our bodies need to stay healthy. Wholesome nourishment and delicious indulgence, they are made with 70% organic ingredients and just plain yummy!

Here are my 3 favorite flavors- they even have 9 grams of protein too!

Chocolate Dipped Coconut- Tastes just like a Samoa
Chocolate Chunk- Yumm Cookie!

Nutz Over Chocolate- Candy Bar

Another thing I have been loving lately is Birchbox!  If you haven't heard of it or don't have a subscription, you must get over to www.birchbox.com and get one!

Let me explain.

You get this cute little box in the mail for $10.00 a month!  

It contains sample beauty products...good ones...think Juicy Couture, Stila, Thymes, etc. 

This month my birchbox contained.... 

This stuff is amazing!  I already love it!

This is my favorite perfume anyway...so a sample size for my purse is perfect!

My flavor was carrot cake!  I haven't tried yet...but looks great!

I LOVE eyeliner...I am a MAC lover but this is great!

Smells Amazing!!

Now you want to join don't you?!?!?

Dave and I are about to watch Crazy, Stupid, Love...a girl movie I am so excited!!  Well it has Steve Carrell in it so I convinced him!


Monday, January 2, 2012

Is It Really 2012?!?!?!

I really can't believe that it is 2012!  2011 was so awesome and I have to say I was sad to see it go!  I feel it only fitting to include some New Year's Resolutions in this post!!

1. Be A Better Listener-  I am a SUPER multitasker....for instance I am doing laundry, trying to catch up on the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, writing this post and checking out the new bachelor contestants on abc.com before I watch the recorded episode from tonight....I mean not that any of this is productive other than laundry but I can't just do one thing at a time.  This results into me not listening when I should.  So from now on I am going to try to give my full attention to anyone I am talking to without no distractions!  (NO iPHONE)

2. Take More Time to Myself- I am the WORST at saying no....I try to fit everything and everyone in.  As Dave would say I try to take a weeks worth of tasks and fit them into one hour.  It is so true!  I am going to start saying no more and do more things for me like taking a bubble bath, going to see a girl movie, Pinterest projects, blogging, etc.  I think this will really reduce my stress level.

3. Make Better Food Choices-  I work out all the time and am really active....however my food choices could use some work.  During the week it is usually ok of course if someone brings in cupcakes...or the office decided to go get Mexican!  I can eat my own body weight in chips and salsa.  I seriously have NO self control.  If you put 10 Oreos in front of me they don't stand a chance!  I started my day off with Peach Yogurt, Granola, blackberries and blueberries!  I had a salad from Nordstrom for lunch and tomato soup for dinner....yep and I am STARVING.

Back to the office in the AM for the first time in about 2 weeks...Super pumped about this year at the label....fun and exciting new music! XXOO

Here is a little visual Motivation for my resolutions!