Sunday, January 15, 2012

Around The House

Now that the holidays are over and yes my Christmas tree finally came down as of yesterday...I am going to get back to decorating.  If I just had about 2 weeks with nothing else to do then I may get something done, but unfortunately that is not the case.  My wonderful parents came in last weekend to help with a few things.  My Dad and Dave hung our new dining room chandelier.

Allen Roth purchased at Lowe's

We painted our bathroom a while ago.  The color is Man Cave by Valspar.  FYI I dislike Valspar paint.  I will get this color from Sherwin Williams from now on.  The Valspar paint is like painting with whipped cream. YUCK.

I bought this cute organizer at IKEA.  It is perfect for Q-Tips, Cotton Balls and Bobby Pins.  

Next on my list is framing all of our bathroom mirrors and purchasing curtains.  OMG we have so many windows in this house we may be curtain broke.  Here are a few ideas!

Mirror Framing!

Curtain Ideas

Next week is going to be crazy.  I am actually off work tomorrow but I am going in so that I can catch up on a lot of busy work.  Tuesday night I have a Grammy party, Wed is Troy's gym class, Thurs. is Megan's baby  shower and Friday I am leaving for San Diego with my mom....Yep it is going to be a busy week!

Enjoy your Sunday!


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