Monday, January 16, 2012

Favor?!?! Please! :)

Hi there!  I need a favor!  A big one!  One of my artists, JT Hodges, is up for ACM's New Artist of the Year.  He is AMAZING!! He not only is a fantastic singer, songwriter, and entertainer; he is a wonderful person!  He is super talented and so deserving of this award.  Please go to to cast your vote.  You can vote once a day from every device you have!

Check out this video of him singing his new single, "Goodbyes Made You Mine"

His first single was "Hunt You Down"  You probably have heard it on the radio, but just in case you haven't here is the video for that single as well.

Last March I took JT to NYC to meet with some accounts.  Here are some photos from our trip.  We even made him stay in the same hotel as Sex In The City was filmed.

JT, Me and Keriann in the back of the cab.

All of us at Last FM/CBS Radio

JT and I  at the Hudson Hotel where a scene from Sex and the City was filmed.  Love that I was in the same room the Carrie Bradshaw had been in :)..ok so I am lame..I know :) 

This is the bar we all were at and where that scene was filmed!  

All of visiting VEVO

So pretty pretty please VOTE VOTE VOTE...oh and tell your friends!


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