Friday, January 27, 2012

Mother Daughter Trip to San Diego Part 1

Last weekend Mom and I took a mother/daughter trip to San Diego!  My mom and I travel so well together because pretty much we are the same person!  Other than a few driving issues all went very well!!

We took a late flight out of Nashvegas and got there pretty late on Friday night.  Never fear, we had killed a bottle of wine on the plane...ya know starting the trip off right!  As if  the night could get any better, we find out that Frontier Airlines..which might I add was a FABULOUS airline....served WARM chocolate chip cookies on each flight....I may or may not of winked at the flight attendant and got more cookies!  Check out this photo...can you find the problem?!? Women's Health, a bottle of wine, and cookies :) Typical!

The weather wasn't that fabulous on Saturday morning but since my mom is awesome, we decided to hit the beach anyway for a early AM workout in the rain.  Oh and I forgot to mention we got to the rental car place so late the night before that it was so unfortunate that the Ford Focus we had originally reserved had been taken...all they had left was a 2010 Black big deal!  Needless to say, Dad and Dave were so proud!

After we worked out for a while we got ready and headed to Pacific Beach (where BFF Kari used to live) to SHOP!  They have the best boutique shopping EVER.  No joke, we took 2 carry on bags and checked a large EMPTY bag to bring back all the clothes in!  Yea first time I didn't have to worry about the weight of the bag...well at least I didn't have to on the way out there!

We lunched at Zanzibar in PB!  It was wonderful, so good that I didn't take a picture of the fab sandwich and salad we split for lunch!  Mom did try the Stone beer which was really great!  California original...haven't looked for it in Nashville yet!  Very light and refreshing!

After an entire day of shopping we headed to Coronado to check into the hotel we would be staying at the remainder of the trip!  The Loews Resort....yes Mom did an amazing job finding this hotel.  We had to drive 4 miles over the ocean to get there!  The resort was unreal.  We went to check in the room and received an upgrade to an ocean view.  Mind you each room was an ocean view but awesome...we got an upgrade!  Well it gets better...we get to the room and receive a phone call from the front desk asking if we wanted a Bungalow on the water....well OF COURSE WE DO!  A bellman came to pick us up on a golf cart and escorted us to our new room...excuse me...Bungalow....I could touch the water from the balcony, no joke!

Here are the morning views!  

Oh, I almost forgot they threw in a free wine key....key to my mom's heart :)

Sunday Morning we spend in Coronado and ate at an outstanding breakfast place!  I will blog about that tomorrow! There are a lot of pics from Sunday and Monday so I will split the posts up!

Hope you are having a great Friday night!  I changed into my PJ's at 5:00 tonight, made chili for dinner and have been relaxing all night.  Yes, very uneventful Friday night but oh so needed!  


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