Sunday, February 26, 2012

Fabulous Weekend

Why was it so FABULOUS? Because we had NO plans! None whatsoever! Dave and I played the boring married couple role all weekend and I LOVED IT!

We managed to get the garage organized and I even unpacked our china that we received as wedding gifts....yes we got married in September..don't judge :)

We even got yard work done and I got a 5 mile run in this afternoon!

We have this amazing green velvet antique couch that was given to us by Dave's grandmother.  We just moved it into the office this weekend and I cannot wait to paint and decorate in there now...something old and vintage is what I am thinking.

I also made a diet coke cake this weekend.  It was so good and like 120 calories per piece.


1 Box Devils Food Cake Mix ( I like Duncan Hines)
2 Egg Whites
1 Can Diet Coke (use 10oz of it not the full 12 oz)

Preheat oven to 350.  Bake in a 9x13 pan for 21 minutes.  Serve with Fat Free Cool Whip!  YUM

New favorite Nail Polish


So Pretty

Ok Random post tonight I know!  

Monday, February 13, 2012

A Little This A Little That

I was in LA all last week for meetings.  It was fabulous!  I stayed at the Ritz in Marina Del Ray....yea I could totally pull a Macaulay Culkin and live in a hotel for a while.  I also just googgled the place and Brit Brit has stayed there. Yea that's awesome!

Here are some photos I snapped one morning when I went for a run.  

We drove right by the Beverly Hilton were Whitney was found on Thursday night.  CRAZY

We ate dinner celeb sightings sadly.

Sadly,  after all the fun in LA I got SICK.  I am guessing the plane ride to and from with a bunch of strangers breathing the same air didn't help matters!

This weekend Dave and I did a lot of nothing! It was fabulous.  We went to dinner at Bonefish on Saturday night and it was so good.  We usually don't eat at chain restaurants but I have to say they are now an exception.  Bang Bang Shrimp get in my belly! I saved my calories all day for this meal and it was SO worth it.

I did get the bedroom completely decorated this weekend, however I didn't take any photos.  I have one last thing I need to complete it!  A yellow chair. I know random but it will look so awesome with my new duvet.

Source: via Kim on Pinterest

LOVE THIS minus the legs!

Have a great Valentine's Day :)


Saturday, February 4, 2012

New Makeup-Yes Please

Last night after work I had to head to Sherwin Williams to pick up paint to finish the rest of our bedroom.  The mall just so happens to right across the street and I thought why not?!?  I needed some new blush from Sephora and I wanted to stop into MAC to see if Katie was working.  Katie is my hair stylist and also did the makeup for my wedding!

I love MAC makeup and it is the majority of what I wear.  (Thank you BFF Kari)  I do cheat a little and and use NARS blush.  (Thanks to my beautiful friend Danielle for showing me that one!)

Katie made me over last night....too bad Dave and I stayed in and watched a movie :)

Let the fun begin!


After (sorry i should of taken a before!)

 Here is what I bought that she used....all except the blush from Sephora.

NARS- Color: Super Orgasm (yep that is really the name)

MAC- Color: Haux

MAC- Color: Viva Glam V
FYI- Viva Glam is a line from MAC that 100% of the purchase goes to help women, men and children with AIDS!

 MAC- Color- Lipglass Style Packed

MAC- Color: Reflects Pearl

I also bought this awesome Essie Nail Polish yesterday!!

French Affair
Like a lilac pink! So pretty!

Before you reach for all the fatty Super Bowl (GO GIANTS) food tomorrow here is an article I read from FabFitFun.  This is how much exercise you need to do to burn off some of the fatty party food!

5 Buffalo chicken wings = 350 calories = Jumping jacks for 40 minutes*

2 pieces of Pizza Hut large Supreme Pizza = 320 calories =Swim laps for 30 minutes

1/2 cup of seven-layer dip = 180 calories = Hatha Yoga for 90 minutes

20 Ruffles chips = 260 calories = Hike for 45 minutes

1/2 cup spinach artichoke dip = 240 calories = Speed walking for 40 minutes

Regular Quiznos Double Cheesesteak = 1,000 calories =Running 7 mph for 90 minutes

7 small pigs in a blanket = 455 calories = Kickboxing for 45 minutes

5 mozzarella sticks = 525 calories = Biking for 65 minutes

6-inch Subway Meatball Sub = 480 calories = Tennis for 60 minutes

4 Papa John’s Cinnamon Sweetsticks = 570 calories = Football for 70 minutes (hey, if you’re gonna toss the pigskin, it might as well be today!)


Wednesday, February 1, 2012

I Admit It...I Like Expensive Things

I am sitting at my desk at work, enjoying my fantastic salad from Calypso Cafe and thought I would take a second to do some mindless blogging...ya know since I am on my lunch break and all....

I am an avid TJ Maxx shopper, mostly because you get more for your money and also because they always have different things.  I don't like to wear the same things over and over again.  Dave still doesn't get that...haha!

So really  I do shop A LOT but I can smell a sale :)...however, there are a few things on my want list right now that may be a little pricey...ya know just in case Dave gets a wild hair for Valentine's Day.  The kind of items that never go on sale...unless they are fake and on ebay!

Isn't she pretty???  I mean a purse that amazing deserves a really cool name!

I really am going to get one of these soon...just need to buckle down and do it.  That means NO TJ MAXX for a while...EEEK!

Ok and while I am still dreaming....I really want one of these! Maybe one day! HAHA

Only starting at 101K....No big deal

Ok I know today's post was a little materialistic....sorry about that!

What's everyone doing for Super Bowl??  I am so pumped about the commercials.  This is by far my favorite that I have seen so far! LOVE THE DOG!