Wednesday, February 1, 2012

I Admit It...I Like Expensive Things

I am sitting at my desk at work, enjoying my fantastic salad from Calypso Cafe and thought I would take a second to do some mindless blogging...ya know since I am on my lunch break and all....

I am an avid TJ Maxx shopper, mostly because you get more for your money and also because they always have different things.  I don't like to wear the same things over and over again.  Dave still doesn't get that...haha!

So really  I do shop A LOT but I can smell a sale :)...however, there are a few things on my want list right now that may be a little pricey...ya know just in case Dave gets a wild hair for Valentine's Day.  The kind of items that never go on sale...unless they are fake and on ebay!

Isn't she pretty???  I mean a purse that amazing deserves a really cool name!

I really am going to get one of these soon...just need to buckle down and do it.  That means NO TJ MAXX for a while...EEEK!

Ok and while I am still dreaming....I really want one of these! Maybe one day! HAHA

Only starting at 101K....No big deal

Ok I know today's post was a little materialistic....sorry about that!

What's everyone doing for Super Bowl??  I am so pumped about the commercials.  This is by far my favorite that I have seen so far! LOVE THE DOG!


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