Monday, February 13, 2012

A Little This A Little That

I was in LA all last week for meetings.  It was fabulous!  I stayed at the Ritz in Marina Del Ray....yea I could totally pull a Macaulay Culkin and live in a hotel for a while.  I also just googgled the place and Brit Brit has stayed there. Yea that's awesome!

Here are some photos I snapped one morning when I went for a run.  

We drove right by the Beverly Hilton were Whitney was found on Thursday night.  CRAZY

We ate dinner celeb sightings sadly.

Sadly,  after all the fun in LA I got SICK.  I am guessing the plane ride to and from with a bunch of strangers breathing the same air didn't help matters!

This weekend Dave and I did a lot of nothing! It was fabulous.  We went to dinner at Bonefish on Saturday night and it was so good.  We usually don't eat at chain restaurants but I have to say they are now an exception.  Bang Bang Shrimp get in my belly! I saved my calories all day for this meal and it was SO worth it.

I did get the bedroom completely decorated this weekend, however I didn't take any photos.  I have one last thing I need to complete it!  A yellow chair. I know random but it will look so awesome with my new duvet.

Source: via Kim on Pinterest

LOVE THIS minus the legs!

Have a great Valentine's Day :)


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