Saturday, February 4, 2012

New Makeup-Yes Please

Last night after work I had to head to Sherwin Williams to pick up paint to finish the rest of our bedroom.  The mall just so happens to right across the street and I thought why not?!?  I needed some new blush from Sephora and I wanted to stop into MAC to see if Katie was working.  Katie is my hair stylist and also did the makeup for my wedding!

I love MAC makeup and it is the majority of what I wear.  (Thank you BFF Kari)  I do cheat a little and and use NARS blush.  (Thanks to my beautiful friend Danielle for showing me that one!)

Katie made me over last night....too bad Dave and I stayed in and watched a movie :)

Let the fun begin!


After (sorry i should of taken a before!)

 Here is what I bought that she used....all except the blush from Sephora.

NARS- Color: Super Orgasm (yep that is really the name)

MAC- Color: Haux

MAC- Color: Viva Glam V
FYI- Viva Glam is a line from MAC that 100% of the purchase goes to help women, men and children with AIDS!

 MAC- Color- Lipglass Style Packed

MAC- Color: Reflects Pearl

I also bought this awesome Essie Nail Polish yesterday!!

French Affair
Like a lilac pink! So pretty!

Before you reach for all the fatty Super Bowl (GO GIANTS) food tomorrow here is an article I read from FabFitFun.  This is how much exercise you need to do to burn off some of the fatty party food!

5 Buffalo chicken wings = 350 calories = Jumping jacks for 40 minutes*

2 pieces of Pizza Hut large Supreme Pizza = 320 calories =Swim laps for 30 minutes

1/2 cup of seven-layer dip = 180 calories = Hatha Yoga for 90 minutes

20 Ruffles chips = 260 calories = Hike for 45 minutes

1/2 cup spinach artichoke dip = 240 calories = Speed walking for 40 minutes

Regular Quiznos Double Cheesesteak = 1,000 calories =Running 7 mph for 90 minutes

7 small pigs in a blanket = 455 calories = Kickboxing for 45 minutes

5 mozzarella sticks = 525 calories = Biking for 65 minutes

6-inch Subway Meatball Sub = 480 calories = Tennis for 60 minutes

4 Papa John’s Cinnamon Sweetsticks = 570 calories = Football for 70 minutes (hey, if you’re gonna toss the pigskin, it might as well be today!)


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