Friday, May 18, 2012


Yep..I'm still sitting in the office at 6:53PM on Friday....because I am just waiting on my hubby to come pick me up for din din....apparently he got trapped in a rain storm on the way home to let the pups out and the power went out....meaning the garage door didn't work....that was the last text I got at least.

A few things that happened this week.

1. Dave, Kari (the bff), Jesse (Kari's bf) and I are going to STL in June...why am I so pumped about this?

Yep, I am so excited! I am such a 5 year old! I love roller coasters and water rides!  We are also going to a Cardinals game....tight baseball pants, draft beer, hot dogs.....oh and baseball :)

2.  Dave and I are also going to the Keys this summer.  Neither of us have been so we are super excited about that....not to mention we got an amazing deal on Priceline!  

3.  Tomorrow night I am attending a bachelorette party for my sweet friend Katie.  It is a pinup theme and Kari is doing my makeup. Of course it will be fabulous and also the first time EVER for me to wear a red lip! So pumped about to come!

4. I found a new mascara that I am OBSESSED with!  It came in my Birchbox this month and I cannot get over how amazing it makes my lashes! It is Dior-Exatase

Hope you have a fabulous weekend! 


Wednesday, May 16, 2012 happens!

This weekend was fabulous!  I not only got to spend it with my amazing mom for Mother's Day, I also got to visit Rachel in Lexington and go to Miranda's beautiful wedding!  Of course since I am my mother's child we shopped A LOT this weekend.  Let me share with you some amazing finds.

Before I met up with mom on Saturday I went shopping after work on Friday night before going to din din with Kari and Jen at Virago.  Sidenote- Virago=Amazing! You should totally go!

1126 McGavock Street  Nashville, TN 37203  (615) 254-1902

Ok. Back to shopping!  I hit up Macy's ONE DAY SALE on Friday afternoon in Green Hills.  2 Rachel Roy dresses for 40.00.....YES PLEASE!  I also found these shoes on sale at Dillard's.  
They are Vince Camuto !

Next up- Sephora!  Danielle (another bestie) had texted me about a Dior pink lipstick that she thought I needed.  That is what bestie's do...they just know when you will love something.  I feel as if I am pretty easy.  If  it is pink, black, contains glitter, sequins or rhinestones...I'm in!  

The color is Pink Caprice #475.  I wore it to Virago Friday night!  Here are a few photos!

Kari and I- Notice my makeup....yep she did it!

This is one of the new dresses...this one was made by one of the Fashion Start peeps I believe. #lovemacys

Fast forward to Saturday afternoon!  I LOVE the TJ Maxx in Lexington...I mean there is nothing special about it other than I ALWAYS find something when I am in there!  Rachel, Mom and I went for 20 minutes and I found a new Jessica Simpson purse, BCBG flip flops and a fab swim suit coverup (Thanks Mom)

I had to retire the Louis for a bit and go with something colorful for the summer!  You know you want it!

Have you ever been to the Zappos Outlet in Shepherdsville, KY?  It is right outside of Louisville. Not interested?? What if I told you I got a pair of FRYE boots for 136.00?  No Joke and they are AMAZING!

So so pretty....and regularly 378.00!

These are just so awesome too and only 23.00!!  Excuse my weird looking thumb!

Then when I got to work yesterday morning I forgot I had totally ordered these for a wedding and they were on my desk!
These are JS by Jessica Simpson and I ordered them from DSW...they are so comfy too!

Before the wedding....

Mom and I at Harry's in Lexington

Barga and I at Harry's

Ok maybe I will make another post this week....Maybe :)