Sunday, July 15, 2012

My Life in Pictures...

I haven't had a free moment to blog in a while.  We have been so crazy busy with weddings, parties, work trips, house stuff and VACATION!  We got home late last night from the FL Keys.  I am trying to delete some of the almost 2K pics on my iPhone. So I thought I would just blog a few random pics.
Starting tomorrow I am going to start posting more recipes.  We are about to hit up Costco and Kroger...yes that is what married people do on Sundays I guess.

I dressed Kouki in a Pink boa from Kate's Paramore Work Party!

Kari and I at the CMT awards....yes my makeup is awesome....yes she did it :)

JT Hodges, Jessie James, Me, Natalie and Kari at the People Mag after party

Me, Toby and Kari at the After Party

Jen, Kari, Me and Laurel....I am sure we were getting beverages :)

I went brunette!

Me, Kari and Jen at Bar Louie!  Love these ladies!

I made this my iPhone background! #motivation

This would be the color of my laundry room now!  Just wait until you see it when it is all finished :)

Marriott in Key Largo.  It was such a relaxing vacay!

Hammock on the Beach at Night!

Beach Wave Hair on the way to Key West!

Here is the tutorial on how to do it!!! Click the Photo Below!

Our Bed & Breakfast in Key West

Right outside our room!

In Mallory Square watching the sunset!

The Southernmost Point of the US!

Have a great Sunday Funday! 


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