Saturday, December 29, 2012

#workout Everyone's Resolution!!

I was reading over my blog last week and noticed it's a lot more "sequins"and a lot less "sweat"! I work out...(I'm sexy and I know it...yep you're singing it....Thank you LMFAO for implanting that song into our brains forever.)

Anyway, I am sure there is some crazy statistic about how many many people receive a gym membership for Christmas! I admit, I dislike the gym a lot in January! The odds of getting a treadmill or elliptical are slim to none. Don't get me wrong, I think it is awesome that new people are joining the gym and I think it is great that they want to start working on a healthy lifestyle. However, the expectation that they are going to lose all of their holiday boozing, chocolate dipped everything and tubs of movie popcorn by walking a mile on the treadmill for one week is a tad bit unrealistic! (I am totally not judging either, I most certainly participated in all of the above this season.)

No I am not swearing off Chocolate Chip Cookies as a New Year's Resolution. I try to keep a great balance between my cookies and my fitness regime. When I get cranky, it's usually one of two things...I haven't worked out that day or am lacking a cookie.

I will be honest I get bored with doing the same type of workout all the time so I thought I would post about some of my favorite workouts! If you don't like to get sweaty, lift weights or sprint so fast you think you may die then rest of this post will not be any fun for you. I am not into Yoga, Zumba, Pilates, etc.  I am just not a graceful person and look ridiculous trying to contort my body into awkward positions.  I like circuit training because I don't get bored, it kicks my butt and is never the same routine.

Barry's Bootcamp Nashville- @BBCNASHVILLE

I have been attending classes here since the end of September. They opened in the Gulch here in Nashvegas. The owner  I actually took boot camp with at the Green Hills YMCA! The first class I took was exhausting but oh so amazing!! The instructors let you know what levels would be beginner, intermediate or advanced. I thought to myself, "I work out 5-6 days a week and pretty hardcore, I am NOT a beginner." I pushed my treadmill speed up to a 10.5 to sprint... I wasn't going to let the beautiful blonde next to me beat me in a sprint contest...OMG... I couldn't walk for a week! It was such a wonderful workout and of course I started going to Barry's once or twice a week. Carrie Underwood takes BBC classes, and you know how amazing her legs are. The instructors are awesome!! They push you to a level you thought you couldn't reach and on top of that who doesn't want to sprint to a little T-Pain or Lil' Wayne at 7:15 AM.  Check them out at for class and price info.  Like them on Facebook here HERE and follow @BBCNASHVILLE on Twitter!  You can't even understand the intensity of this workout until you try it!

I have some VIP cards if you are will get 10% off!


I have two other instructors and classes at the YMCA that I love not only because of the great classes but because of the awesome people in class....there are only so many people you can smile at, sweat with and still talk to at 6AM.  There is a Circuit Blast class at the East Nashville Y on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Fridays in the mornings at 6AM and at 5:30PM on Tuesday and Thursday nights.  Nikole is the instructor. She is one of the sweetest people I have ever met, but she means business.  We meet in the basketball gym where we run stairs, run suicides, bear crawl around the track, lift weights and do millions of pushups.  I took her class religiously when I lived in East Nashville and before our wedding.  Kate and I trade driving and I just shower at Kate's before work.  We slacked off towards the end of the year due to work travel schedules and I totally admit the time change sucked for getting up at 5:15!  I plan on starting back full force to her class next week!  If you live in Nashville and have a membership to the Y, I highly recommend this class.  It is not an extra fee and the people that also attend the class couldn't be nicer or anymore welcoming.

On Wednesday nights at the downtown YMCA there is another circuit class that starts at 6:30 PM!  It is 45 minutes of hardcore cardio and another 45 minutes of body pump!  If you ate a cheeseburger for lunch, it is TOTALLY gone after you finish this class!  Troix is the instructor, he is so hysterical and enjoys pushing your buttons so that you work harder.

There are a few more workouts that I want to share for when you are pressed for time or just in the mood to only hang out with yourself!  This post is getting rather long and all this talk about fitness is making me hungry!

Halloween Class

Christmas Class... Yikes scary no makeup!

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