Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Catching up...

Well this THREE DAY weekend was filled with a whole lot of CLEANING!  Dave and I were in a commercial today and they filmed at our house...naturally I went in freak out mode and cleaned absolutely everything in our house.  This weekend I  was also able to see Justin Beiber in concert, catch up on some Pinterest projects, enjoy my first session of hot yoga, dine with friends and go to Barry's Bootcamp.

I purchased two old windows at the flea market a little while ago and couldn't decide what I wanted to put in the glass.  I found this beautiful greenish yellow and gray wrapping paper at Home Goods and thought it would look great in my house.  I put the paper in every other piece of glass and I LOVE how it turned out!

I also found these metal letters at the flea market. I bought a frame and some board at Michael's and taped the letters on the board. I love having our wedding photo with our monogram!

Another thing I found on Pinterest and HGTV was framing our master bathroom mirror. I didn't do this this weekend but I realized I hadn't put it on my blog. We just used 2x4's, crown molding, and some trim. Of course my dad came to help with his handy dandy mitre saw. This was a pretty big project but so worth it!!

So about the commercial Dave and I were in.... it is a Scott paper towel commercial on GAC! They filmed at my house and my office! It was so fun plus my hair and makeup looked fabulous! Check out the photos!

Makeup Time!

Just hanging out in the pantry!

More Pantry footage!

This thing was so cool!

Filming at the office!

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