Thursday, January 10, 2013


I love a good deal and I have had so many of them lately.  I found a new eye shadow pallet that I love, a great cash back shopping website, and recycled an old light fixture.


I am an avid MAC user thanks to my bestie Kari.  I came across this nude pallet on another blog and had to have it!  I bought it for $9.99 on this site and two days later it was only $5.00.  If you buy $25.00 worth you get free shipping...and I got A LOT of stuff for 25.00.  I bought the shadow pallet, bush cleaner, primer, blush brush, pink lip gloss (to add to the 1, 500 I already have) and bronzer/blush compact!

The best part about this site is that it is on EBATES.  What is Ebates?  It is my new found shopping website thanks to Jordan Hall.  (You can check out her fab blog here Love Always, Nancy J. )

Ebates is the ultimate cash back shopping website.  They basically pay you to shop.  You receive a check 4 times a year.  I got about $30.00 back from a few Christmas present purchases.  They have pretty much every store you can imagine. Some stores give you up to even 10% cash back.  They always have every coupon code and you can even sort vendors by FREE SHIPPING.  I am a huge fan of FREE SHIPPING!  I suggest you try it out!

This weekend Dave and I cleaned our entire house!  We also changed out 2 light fixtures (with the help of his wonderful mom and dad) in the spare bedroom and spare bath.  This light fixture used to be an ugly brown and be in our dining room.  Whoever thought that was a good idea was wrong.  We got an awesome new light for our dining room last year so I spray painted this one white.  We bought the circular piece at Lowe's instead of having to repaint the part of the ceiling where the old fixture was.  My hubby is so handy!!

I just read about this site Twice on another one of my favorite blogs (  Twice is like an online Plato's Closet where you can send them your used clothes FOR FREE...yes they pay for shipping and then they review them to make sure they can sell them and you get paid.  If they choose not to use them then you can get them shipped back for $5.00 or they will donate them to Goodwill!  

Ok that's all I have for today!!


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