Monday, June 24, 2013

Catching Up! Award Show, Hair Styling and an Appetizer!

Just catching up on everything I haven't posted about and totally should have!   Thank you Jesus for my iphone...I take pictures thinking...I should blog about that later!  So a few weeks ago....I went to the CMT awards and I took my beautiful Mom and my Papa.  We had an absolute blast!  Papa wore a fedora and I am pretty sure at the People Magazine After Party....people thought he was famous! He totally should be famous...he is a rockstar of a Papa!

Natalie, Me and Macy getting our pose on!

I mean how freaking cute is my mom??

Papa and his awesome hat!! I mean he's def. the coolest Papa there is!

Next UP!  Hair styling!  I have gotten a few messages on Facebook about how I curl my hair!  That is so flattering and believe me I wish I totally had time to make you a video on how I do is much easier to just share the video below with you!  This TOTALLY works!  I use a 1 inch for tighter curls and 1 1/4 inch for a more beachy wave!

I know I look evil...smiling is giving me wrinkles haha- this was with a One Inch Iron

This is just more of an awkward face...but this is with a 1 1/4 inch iron

OK now onto the appetizer!!!  I ate at this amazing restaurant in Vegas this year at the ACM's with Krystal Keith from The Barnyard Bistro and she ordered a Baked Goat Cheese was UNREAL!!  She texted me last night and being the awesome chef she is...had recreated it....OMG I am not kidding what so ever....Best Appetizer EVER!!  Here is a photo of mine and make sure you click here to check out her blog and get the recipe.  

On The Stove...

Finished Goodness!

Saturday, June 22, 2013

Work Out...everybody is doing it...

Over the past few months I have been working out like crazy and I admit I am addicted!  I can see such a difference and I FINALLY ran a mile in under 7 minutes!  That may not be a big deal to some of you but to me that is a HUGE accomplishment.  I have to give a shout out to Barry's Bootcamp in Nashville for pushing me to my limit!  They are having a HUGE sale for the next 48 hours where you can buy as many classes as you want for just $13.00 a piece....they are regularly  $22.00 a piece!  Click the poster below to purchase!

So I NEVER would of put a pic up of my stomach ANYWHERE online however that was one of the goals I set when I started Summer Sizzle at Barry's Bootcamp...I don't have a 6 pack but I totally think I see an ab!  So YAY I reached my goal...maybe next month I will have two :)

I also just started a couple times a week doing a class called Yoked by Trace Morgan Fitness!  He has TRX bans, Med balls, kettle bells and a ton of toys I have never even seen before!  It is a lot of strength training.  I totally went in thinking I am in shape and I can do this....I was so wrong...It is HARD! Follow him on Facebook and make sure to check out a class on Music Row.  You can find a class schedule here!  Just create an account and schedule a class! 

Inside the studio

Elyssa and I after class with Trace....just a tad sweaty!

Happy Saturday....get your workout on today.....