Monday, June 24, 2013

Catching Up! Award Show, Hair Styling and an Appetizer!

Just catching up on everything I haven't posted about and totally should have!   Thank you Jesus for my iphone...I take pictures thinking...I should blog about that later!  So a few weeks ago....I went to the CMT awards and I took my beautiful Mom and my Papa.  We had an absolute blast!  Papa wore a fedora and I am pretty sure at the People Magazine After Party....people thought he was famous! He totally should be famous...he is a rockstar of a Papa!

Natalie, Me and Macy getting our pose on!

I mean how freaking cute is my mom??

Papa and his awesome hat!! I mean he's def. the coolest Papa there is!

Next UP!  Hair styling!  I have gotten a few messages on Facebook about how I curl my hair!  That is so flattering and believe me I wish I totally had time to make you a video on how I do is much easier to just share the video below with you!  This TOTALLY works!  I use a 1 inch for tighter curls and 1 1/4 inch for a more beachy wave!

I know I look evil...smiling is giving me wrinkles haha- this was with a One Inch Iron

This is just more of an awkward face...but this is with a 1 1/4 inch iron

OK now onto the appetizer!!!  I ate at this amazing restaurant in Vegas this year at the ACM's with Krystal Keith from The Barnyard Bistro and she ordered a Baked Goat Cheese was UNREAL!!  She texted me last night and being the awesome chef she is...had recreated it....OMG I am not kidding what so ever....Best Appetizer EVER!!  Here is a photo of mine and make sure you click here to check out her blog and get the recipe.  

On The Stove...

Finished Goodness!

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