Monday, August 12, 2013

Closet Sale

So I have way too many clothes and not enough closets!  I have built an online site to sell my clothes.  I have to say it is pretty awesome.  It is like my own store but it didn't take forever to build it!  A friend told me about Shopenvy which is a lot like Etsy.  I am warning you, the site reels you in for hours.

They have new stuff, vintage stuff and used stuff.  It was a perfect place to set up my own store and the best part is they do not charge anything to use it which is awesome.  I used to use ebay all the time and I still do for some stuff but this store is more personal.  I have put the store link on my social networks to help promote it.  Please take a look!!

Here are a few things that I have on there!

J Crew Chambray Button Up sz. 8

Express Coral Tank Top- Sz. S

Michael Kors Pink top

Purple Velvet Jacket

NWT Sequin Shirt

Head over and check it out.  I will always consider other offers as well!  Happy Shopping!

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