Thursday, August 22, 2013

Thankful Thursday

I have been on a theme kick for my blogs this week!  Thankful Thursday...I mean I am thankful for so many things but this week in particular this is what I am really thankful for.

Beauticontrol Spa Resurface Micorderm System-(link to purchase)
I went to a spa party last Sunday!  It was a great time and I of course I bought something!  This is a treatment you do once a week and it makes your skin feel UNREAL.  It helps a lot with sun spots and sadly I am starting to get sun spots.  Yes, I know Mom I should of listened to you about suncreen! They have a lot of great products including makeup but this one stood out.  Plus if you go to a party or host a party you get all kinds of discounts and free stuff.  Contact Miriam if you want to throw a party or order this awesome product.  I am actually having a small party soon...with wine of course :)

I went to Target tonight to pick up a few things and since Dave didn't go with me I got to browse for a little while.  It was actually pretty depressing because I was there with a ton of college students who were stocking up for their dorms or new apartments.  I remember how exciting it was to get new bedding for college and how much cheaper it is than it is for my #biggirl house.  I noticed a neon pink blanket in the college section. This picture is a little muted, the blanket is the color of a highlighter! As I sit here and type this blog I am wrapped in my new pink blanket which is as close to my college days as I am going to get! 

Glamour Magazine's Hey, It's OK...-  

This is my favorite part of reading Glamour so I thought I would make up a few of my own! 
The one above is one of my all time favorites! I heart mimosas!

Hey, It's shop for greeting cards and think more how the card relates to you than the person you are buying it for.

Hey, It's feel secondhand embarrassment for people who call into radio stations to share stories they should never tell anyone.

Hey, It's roll your eyes every time you hear the name Tiger Woods, even if he is the best golfer in the world.  #disgust

Hey It's test your car at least once to see exactly how many miles it will go on E. I know you have tried this!

Hey, It's pick out a hair style and color on Pinterest because the model is beautiful and there is a little part inside of you that is hoping you will look like Gisellle when you stylist finishes the masterpiece, legs and all.

Hey, It's not want to read anything but Facebook and Celeb Magazines, #musthavepictures

Hey It's secretly wish you really looked as awesome in person as Instagram makes you look in pictures. #gottalovefilters

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  1. Reading this post makes me miss my college days. I remember going and buying all the things that I was going to need. I had this awesome pink zebra print blanket that I loved soo much. I still use it to this day. I love the Hey, its ok section of this blog. Thanks for the laugh!