Wednesday, August 21, 2013

What I'm Loving Wednesday!

Hi friends! Happy Hump Day!  Thank heavens for the weekend and my birthday is Monday so I am pretty pumped about that!  28! I mean that is crazy! Two years until I am 30.  I have a lot to accomplish before then! So there are a lot of things I have been crazy about lately and I want to of course share with you!

1.  My new Erin Condren Planner!  I have been looking at these for a while!  I am obsessed with it!  I am such a digital person but something about writing things down helps so much more.  I got this planner personalized with my name, birthday stickers and it even came with some awesome gift tags! Do yourself a favor and get one!  They even sent me a 10.00 gift card too!

2.  My new Nike Pegasus Shoes.  I am going back to being a Nike girl.  I tried Reebok's a few months ago, they just are not for me and they also ripped during a work out......NOT COOL.  I love these and I mentally thought on Leg Day Tuesday they made me let's see if that works in the morning....doubtful!

3. #digitaldivas.... So this means awesome women that work in the digital space!  I went to a Digital Divas event in Nashville tonight with a bunch of fabulous ladies that work in the music business.  It was a moment where I thought to myself, "Is this real life?" (Please refer to this YouTube video if you don't know what that means)  There are so many smart, intelligent, creative and overall fabulous women in the music business and I am so fortunate to work with each of they like wine, glitter and hashtags.... #perfection

4.  Heads Up- If you don't have this app you are missing out.  Ellen started it and I heard about on her show one afternoon!  Basically it is just like Catchphrase but you have to hold it on your forehead for your friends to describe what word is on the screen. We were out a few weeks ago and our group totally played this at the bar!   There are all kinds of categories like charades, movie stars, animals, and my fave pop culture! Click Here to Download it from the iTunes App Store.

This needs no intro! Just watch!

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