Monday, September 30, 2013

DIY Halloween Wreath

Let me start off by saying I am NOT crafty!  I am not afraid to try but since I really have no patience the idea of spending 3 hours on a Pinterest project does not sound fun to me....just ask Dave about painting the entire inside of our house....NOT FUN!  With that said, I decided to tackle a Halloween Wreath!  I was pretty impressed with the Christmas Wreath I made last year so I decided to try again.  I purchased all of my supplies at Michaels.  Make sure to download their app.  They have the best coupons!  I saved 40% on one item and 20% off my entire purchase!

I purchased a wire wreath to wrap the mesh netting around.

I used a large roll of black mesh netting and 2 small rolls of purple and green netting.  I also purchased black pipe cleaners.

You need tie the pipe cleaners around the wire wreath.  They will be used to secure the mesh netting. I used 8 pipe cleaners and tied them evenly around the wire wreath.

After just the green and black mesh netting.  You just have to play with the netting.  I loop it to every pipe cleaner and tie.  Since it is wire it is really easy to work with.  

Wreath after adding the purple netting.

Final!  I bought the pre-made black and white ribbon, but if you are a skilled bow maker I am sure you can make your own.  I also purchased all the accessories at Michaels. I just stuck them throughout the wreath.  It took me about 30 minutes to make the wreath!  

Halloween Decor....and Blake Shelton!

Entry Table

Ignore the front door AWFUL color...bit I do love my new witch sign!

Going to paint the pumpkin thing at a time :)

Happy Halloween!!!

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