Wednesday, September 11, 2013

What I Am Lovin' Wednesday!

Well yes believe it or not I am still on the Paleo diet...I am down 3 pounds which is cool but what is even cooler is my stomach is flat....yes i said FLAT.....It has never been this flat!  I was going to post pics but I thought after I am done I would post before and after pics...if there is that big of a difference.

Anyway enough about how I can't have cookies :(  I am lovin' all kinds of things this Wednesday!

Kyoked with Eve!  Who is Eve you ask?  She is Carrie Underwood's trainer.  She is UNREAL!  She is a trainer at Barry's Bootcamp and at Trace Morgan Fitness.  She teaches a boxing class....with real bags and gloves...not YMCA air boxing!  One can only hope my body will look like Carrie Underwood's..HAHA but I like to think it might!  If you live in Nashville you HAVE to try her class!! 

My beautiful cousin Elizabeth!  I met her for the first time last weekend!  She is so so precious and so well behaved!  I am also partial because we are related but she has amazing hair and lips to die for.  I should already start her a lipstick collection!! 

My awesome husband!  Yesterday was our 2 year anniversary! The best 2 years of my life!  We have been on the go like crazy lately and our birthdays fall a week before our anniversary so we decided we would do something low-key.  He of course comes home with beautiful flowers, champagne and work out stuff.  Yes I cheated on my paleo....I had champagne for my anniversary...oops...I mean it is GRAPES :)


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