Sunday, January 5, 2014


Dave and I had such a wonderful Christmas!  We spent time in KY with my family and back in Nashville with his family!  

My mom rescued 2 dogs, Samson and Sully.  Samson likes sleep with!

This is my new favorite drink!  It is a Champagne Sherbet Mimosa! Scoop orange sherbet into a glass and top with Champagne! OMG! Thank me later!

This was our Christmas Card...Dave hated it...but he also didn't to get Christmas photos made...he will probably choose different next year :)

How pretty is this girl? Rachel and her new baby Griffin! SO SWEET!

Such a good boy!

My beautiful cousin Riley and I on Christmas Eve!  LOVE HER! Oh and she thinks I'm a real life Princess...i just agreed with her :)

Pretty turkey huh? Thanks Toby Keith and Dream Walkin' Farms for the Christmas Turkey! 
So Yummy! (Seriously you can order the turkey, click above)

I wore my Santa Hat all day! Love this guy!

So can you find me under all the dogs?  They were so happy to see me!

I let Samson borrow my Santa Hat

Love this old timey instagram of my tree...should of turned the TV off!

My wonderful co-workers!  Christmas tree decorating party at Show Dog!

I had to include this!  I mean how cute is my Papa??

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