Monday, January 6, 2014

Try Something New...

Nope, this most certainly is not a New Year's Resolution Post...I don't really do resolutions...but as I am trapped in my house because it is -600 degrees outside (a little exaggeration) I saw this awesome aerial gymnastic technique on television.  I am by far the most UNgraceful person ever...I am not really dainty or soft spoken.  So if I had a resolution, trying to be more graceful with a little softer approach could be it.  There is a place in Nashville called The Chrome Bar that has a class called FlyGym that looks awesome and you can be a beginner and go!  Check out these photos!  I am going to try it out soon and I will let you know how it goes!

They have a Circus School in I mean who knows....if the music business gets crazy maybe I can join the circus...JOKE...I think I could maybe be the clown :)

Speaking of trying something new...I am a sucker for new Mascara.  Amazing lashes are a true love of mine!  I used to get lash extensions even but after all the upkeep I just couldn't do it anymore!  Here are my TOP 3 Mascaras at the moment!

Thanks to Your Beauty Community for this comparison photo.  I really love this mascara so much!  So worth $24.00 and the good news is that Ulta should start carrying it soon in stores but you can get it online HERE!

I purchased this at Ulta over Thanksgiving Break!  I do love it...and I have to say it takes like 3 days to get it off.  It really does work.  It takes a bit of time but totally worth the $35.00.

Thanks Maryam Maquillage for the before and after photos and a great review.

I have to say I am SUPER excited about this one!  I just ordered it!  I saw it randomly on my Facebook feed last night and ordered it.  As soon as I get this I will do a review and post! Until then here are some photos and a how to video!

Happy Long Lashes!

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