Thursday, May 22, 2014

New Favorite Things

I know can you believe it?  I actually am alive!!!  I actually just landed from LA today.  I was literally there for 24 hours!  I am not going to complain though because my trip was amazing!

Now to the good stuff!  I found NEW mascara!  I know you are so surprised.  I was at Sephora a few Fridays ago in search for texturizing spray and of course purchased all kinds of goodies!

This is the Kat Von D Immortal Lash!  

I mean check out that brush!  It is so awesome and it is so great for layering!! I love it so much I may buy another one when I run out and that says A LOT!!

So I totally got suckered into buying this.  The lady that helped me at Sephora was of course a rep for Laura Mercier and convinced me this stuff was amazing!  Well for once...she was right! I LOVE IT and my makeup stays on so much longer!  LOVE LOVE

Drum rolll please.....

My new favorite thing!  This is an AMAZING texturizing spray!  I use it on my roots to get my "southern" hair and then all over!  You really really really need this!  I promise it is totally worth $29.00.

I mean who doesn't want their hair to look like this??!?

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