Thursday, July 31, 2014

Watermelon Fruit Smoothie!

I have had to change up my workouts over the past month because I did something to my right hip and lower back.  I haven't been to Barry's Bootcamp in a few weeks and yes I want to cry about it but I have to get 100% healthy so that I don't injure myself again.  I have been doing the Beachbody Piyo and Barre 3 in the Gulch.  Stay tuned for reviews on both workouts but I can tell you that I LOVE them!  Anyway, last week I bought a watermelon at Trader Joe's and didn't want it to go bad so I created my own smoothie/slushy.

Ingredients- ( I didn't measure exactly)

About 5-6 chunks of seedless watermelon (you could use frozen if you want)
2-3 handfuls of Frozen fruit of your choice
2 scoops of Watermelon Amino Energy (Vitamin Shoppe)
1/4 C Low Sugar Orange Juice
1/4 C Pineapple flavored Coconut Water (optional)

Place everything in a blender.  I used my Ninja.  I love it!  If you are shopping for a blender I highly suggest a ninja!  Pulse until blended to the smoothie consistency. If it is too thick you can always add more coconut water, orange juice or water.  If it is too thin, just add more frozen fruit!  


Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Catch You On The Flipside...

Flipside is a fabulous new restaurant in Nashville on 12th South.  Dave and I were going on a movie date Saturday night when we were forced to make alternate plans due to an electrical fire at the Green Hills theater and I hate burnt popcorn!  I am actually really glad we chose to check out Flipside!

I totally was not going to drink but after a glance at the drink menu, I changed my mind!  This little gem was the "Georgia Ice Pick".  The ingredients were Tito's Vodka (my fave), peach puree, sweet tea and mint!  I mean how could you go wrong?

How cute is their version of the table "pager"?  It is an old school room key!  

Now I am really upset that I haven't found this beer before now!  While we were waiting on our table the bartender who was so sweet convinced me to try this!  It is a Stiegel Radler from Austria!  To top it off she added a shot of Grapefruit Vodka to the beer! #perfection

Dave and I just kept drinking our dinner.  We skipped dinner and had milkshakes...I promise I didn't finish the whole thing but I wish I could was unreal.  I got the Fresh Chocolate Chip Cookie shake and Dave got Chocolate.  I am super happy that I drank my dinner!

I wish I would of taken more photos of the inside but I did find some online!  

Some of my favorite parts of the Flipside were: 
 Trivial Pursuit games were on each table
They played reruns of the Flintstones and the Jetsons on the large TV at the bar
Every drink on the menu sounded amazing
They have Tater Tots #enoughsaid

Thanks Nashville Eater and Nashville Guru for the photos!

Try it!! 

Monday, July 28, 2014

Best Blackberry Cobbler EVER!

So I was going tell you about my amazing weekend but I will just cut to the chase and tell you that I made the best Blackberry Cobbler I have ever eaten on Sunday.  The best part was that is was SO EASY to make.  My neighbor who happens to be one of the best chef's in Nashville was highly impressed.  He actually picked fresh blackberries on Saturday morning which I am sure made it that much better!

I must tell you I didn't make this recipe up.  Edley's BBQ partnered with the Georgia Peach Truck last week and served up some amazing dishes.  I had Peach Cobbler and I don't even like Peach Cobbler but OMG it was unreal.  We found the recipe online and that is what I used, subbing blackberries of course.  Stay tuned for a blog about peaches later this week!

Without further adieu, 

The Best Blackberry Cobbler EVER!

1 Stick of Butter
1 Cup Self-Rising Flour 
(if all you have is all-purpose flour just add 1 1/4 tsp of baking powder and 1/4 tsp of salt)
1 Cup Sugar
1 Cup Milk 
(I used Skim but I am sure you can use whatever kind you like)
1 Tsp Vanilla
4 Cups Blackberries (or peaches)

Preheat Oven to 350.  Place entire stick of butter in an 8x8 square Pyrex dish and let melt in oven as it heats up.  In the meantime mix flour, sugar, milk and vanilla.  I mixed until there were no lumps.  As I was measuring out the blackberries I sprinkled sugar over them and let them set for a few minutes since blackberries are a little more tart than peaches.  I used about a tablespoon of sugar for that but totally optional.  After the butter has completely melted pour flour mixture on top of butter. DO NOT MIX. Spoon fruit on top of flour mixture, DO NOT MIX.  Place in oven for 40 minutes until top is golden brown.  It will be really hard to even leave it in there that long because your entire house will smell AMAZING!  Let sit until bubbling stops.  Be careful because it will be very hot.  Serve with vanilla bean ice cream! 


Monday, July 21, 2014

Mini Vacay to Charleston

Dave and I took a mini vacay to Charleston, SC over the 4th of July.  We stayed at The Governor's House Inn right beside the battery and we absolutely LOVED it!

Our room originally was on the 3rd floor however due to the super hot temperatures it was just a little to warm to sleep in there!  We were moved to a house at the bottom of the house and it was beautiful.

I loved the wrap around porch and the gardens were just perfect.

This cat was 18 years old and super super sweet!

On the comment section online when I booked the room I wrote that Dave and I loved Chocolate Chip they brought us cookies before bed and at breakfast the next morning! #bestplaceever

For breakfast we had a veggie quiche, fruit bowl, banana chocolate chip muffins, coffee, orange juice and cookies!  I didn't eat the muffin because I don't do bananas but the veggie quiche was awesome!

The photos below are the inside and outside of the Bed and Breakfast.

 This was the porch outside of our room.

 This house was along the ocean and I just know if I ever had a pink house I would want this one!

Dave and I walked by this house and saw they offered tours, it was starting to rain a bit so we took it.  Little did I know it was the "Summer House" from The Notebook!  I had NO idea!  Dave totally thought I tricked him into this!

We stopped for ice cream one day at Belgium Gelato on King Street!  Literally the BEST gelato I have ever had.  They have this amazing Belgium chocolate they put inside the was pretty unreal...and totally fat free I'm sure! #joke

This sign was in front of a cute store...I thought it was fitting :)

Oh How I love going on vacation with Dave...a new Kate Spade!

I am so lucky to have Dave!  We celebrated 7 years together in Charleston! 

Ok so we ate at a place called S.N.O.B (Slighty North of Broad) and it was so freaking delicious!  The drink below the bartender convinced me to get..I forgot the name but it was Cathead Honeysuckle Vodka, lemonade, splash of soda, and muddled blueberries.  Stay tuned for another post of my homemade version!

I had shimp and grits! It included some andouille sausage as well!  So so good!

Dave had Swordfish and it was just a plateful of yummy goodness!

I highly recommend a trip to Charleston!  The food is most certainly the best part! 

Friday, July 18, 2014

Finally Friday

Five Things I am Loving this Friday!

Sadly, they are $360.00

Shock Top Lemon Shandy!! SO SO GOOD!

I saw this really really cute sunglass case at Ulta!  So So True!

I am so in love with the Saint Anejo Guacamole with spicy crab! So delicious! If you haven't been to the cute Mexican cantina in Nashville, I highly suggest you go!

I am loving that I get to have my hair done today and Parlour 3 uses Oribe products!  Their texture spray is by far THE BEST!!