Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Catch You On The Flipside...

Flipside is a fabulous new restaurant in Nashville on 12th South.  Dave and I were going on a movie date Saturday night when we were forced to make alternate plans due to an electrical fire at the Green Hills theater and I hate burnt popcorn!  I am actually really glad we chose to check out Flipside!

I totally was not going to drink but after a glance at the drink menu, I changed my mind!  This little gem was the "Georgia Ice Pick".  The ingredients were Tito's Vodka (my fave), peach puree, sweet tea and mint!  I mean how could you go wrong?

How cute is their version of the table "pager"?  It is an old school room key!  

Now I am really upset that I haven't found this beer before now!  While we were waiting on our table the bartender who was so sweet convinced me to try this!  It is a Stiegel Radler from Austria!  To top it off she added a shot of Grapefruit Vodka to the beer! #perfection

Dave and I just kept drinking our dinner.  We skipped dinner and had milkshakes...I promise I didn't finish the whole thing but I wish I could was unreal.  I got the Fresh Chocolate Chip Cookie shake and Dave got Chocolate.  I am super happy that I drank my dinner!

I wish I would of taken more photos of the inside but I did find some online!  

Some of my favorite parts of the Flipside were: 
 Trivial Pursuit games were on each table
They played reruns of the Flintstones and the Jetsons on the large TV at the bar
Every drink on the menu sounded amazing
They have Tater Tots #enoughsaid

Thanks Nashville Eater and Nashville Guru for the photos!

Try it!! 

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