Thursday, July 17, 2014

CMT Awards

I know I know I am a month late on this post...but happens.  So the CMT Awards were fabulous this year and what made it awesome was going with all my besties!  The After Party was pretty fun as well.....not everyday do you eat sushi with Dawson!  (James Van Der Beek)

Me, Kari, Jordon, Lindsey, Jen, Kristen

Jordon enjoyed some #selfies with my camera!

About my bestie from the baby shower post earlier this week...she's HOTT too!

Another hottie, this lady! probably saw her on the Amazing Race not once but TWICE!

Us again!

 Laura, Me, Kari, Krystal, Jordon and Kristen
This sweet girl is so awesome!

This is when the CMT After Party went Techno!

Jordon and her #selfies

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