Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Owl Baby Shower

I love parties and I really love throwing them.  Also, if you know me I like everything perfect....and the phrase nothing perfect is Bull$h!t because believe me a perfect hair day and wine exist....so yes things can be perfect! 

Now to make things perfect take a little time and money according to my husband...we did get a new couch, new light fixtures, new paint and a new fence because of the shower...so this time I will say he is right...but it was SO worth it! 

Our great friends Emily and Clint Ruth are having a baby and since the sex is TBD I went with and "owl" theme for the Baby Shower!

Thanks to my bestie Kari for coming over and sharing her art skills on my chalkboard wall.  I promise she could do this with eyes closed.  She is crazy talented....at EVERYTHING!  I mean why else would I pick her as my bestie.... Kidding...Kidding...she's a fabulous bestie!

My old roommate Jen and I threw the shower together and she put together the BEAUTIFUL flower arrangement.  We bought the flowers at wholesale at Import Flowers in Sylvan Park in Nashville!  Such a great place and the flowers are priced so well!

Emily's Mom, Emily and Clint

They are going to make perfect parents!

"Baby Ruth"

Me, Emily and Jen!

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