Thursday, September 11, 2014

Let's Talk About Hair!

I got my hair done on Wednesday at my favorite salon Parlour 3!  Jennifer did a fabulous job as always!  We struck up a conversation about hair extensions.  Lord knows I do not need hair extensions, however I am always intrigued by new products so of course I wanted to know more.

I mean how perfect is her hair?  It is all extensions, without glue, tape, adhesive or any other sticky crap that I wouldn't let near my hair!  The hair is so thick and beautiful.  The brand is Halo Couture.

Isn't this so awesome and CRAZY?  

I tried some on at the salon today and since I went sans makeup sorry I didn't get a photo.  Plus the only color they had was dark brown so I looked like a skunk.  I loved them though...I mean I know I am pretty crazy to want more hair but they were amazing!  They literally take 5 minutes to put in!  

Check them out and comment if you are interested in purchasing.  I can put you in contact with my salon!!

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