Friday, January 16, 2015

A Friend In Need

Hi Friends!  A really sweet friend and her family lost everything in a horrible house fire yesterday.  If you live in Nashville, I am sure you saw it on the news or in the paper.  They lost everything, including their longtime family dog.  I have set up a GO FUND ME site for them.  You can donate money to the family online through that if you wish.  Even if you cannot donate and want to share on your socials, that works too!  Also, if you would like to donate gift cards, clothes, etc. I have listed the sizes below.  You can reach out to me for pick up or drop off arrangements!

Tom: 34 pants, XL shirts, and 9.5 shoe. 
Chas (5 year old daughter!): 6-7 clothes and an 11 shoe.
Julianne: XL clothing, 8.5 shoes.
Julianne's mother: XXL, 18 and a 10 shoes.


  1. Hi, Im sorry to hear about the incident. I live in Texas and would like to donate some clothes. How would I go about doing that?

  2. Hi there! I can give you an address to mail them to if you want! let me know :) so so nice of you!