Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Best Curling Iron Ever

Happy Snow Day #2!  This Nashville ice storm is a little crazy.  Our back door was completely frozen shut this morning.  Another day in my PJ's is fine with me....tomorrow however, I may go crazy.  Anyway,  I have found the Best Curling Iron Ever, well my friend Kate found it for me.  She bought one and they sent her an extra one for free.  She knows my obsession with curling irons, so this was the perfect gift.   It is called the InStyler Tulip.  There are a lot of different types of InStylers so make sure if you decide to order this you get the Tulip and it looks like the below.

It is literally so easy to use and the best part is your hair looks perfect.  There are several different settings.  You can create tight curls that will last for days all the way to fun beach waves.  All of these hair styles I did with the InStyler Tulip.

This was on Valentine's Day!  My headband is Pink Pewter and I got it at Parlour 3 in Brentwood!  Here is a link to purchase!  

This is my favorite because I honestly woke up and my hair looked like this on day 2.  The first time I did it I used the tightest setting and it was super curly but the day after was perfect!   I am literally obsessed!  You should totally get one. 

Here is some YouTube videos of how it works.

Happy Curling!

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