Friday, February 27, 2015


This blog is called Sweat & Sequins after all, and I haven't posted many fitness posts lately.  I was asked earlier this week by a sweet friend who works at Lululemon to do a shoot at SHED Group Fitness.  I was so excited for many reasons.  I like to see myself as fit, but I am not in "photoshoot" shape for sure.  So after eating lettuce for a few days and working my butt off at SHED, I did feel a little more "photoshoot" ready.

Emma met me at SHED with some awesome Lulu clothes, and we got started!  I loved how the pictures turned out and I am not in for full body shots...EVER. 

I love the If Your Lucky Pant!  There were so comfy and didn't fall down during the workout!  The mesh legs are the best, oh and I loved how my butt looked in them!  Let's get serious ladies, that IS important!

I also have on the Light Speed Long Sleeve in this photo.  It's so fabulous that it is only available in-store.  Go check it out at the Hill Center Lululemon and ask for Emma.  She is even more fabulous!!

The Row Machines at SHED are my favorite.  I used to view rowing as an easy workout, because of course I was doing it all wrong!  These are mean machines, but so fun.  
SHED is having a 20 Minute Row Challenge in March!

I am wearing the Run: Speed Shorts in this photo.  I am normally not into shorts, I did love these.  I was super impressed on how they fit.

Stretching it out!

These are the ropes!  They will totally fool you.  If you think lifting ropes doesn't sound like much of a workout, you are very wrong.  This is great for your arms and I can really tell a change after using them!

This Crossback Tank is pure perfection! It has a perfect amount of support and is super comfy!! Plus I love how it made my shoulders look!  It paired very well with the  Run: Speed Shorts.

These are box jumps!  For some strange reason,  I really like these!  If you are lucky, and you decide to give SHED a try, maybe you will get to do a box jump burpee. Fun Times!

If you are interested in the Lululemon pieces, you can check out their store at the Hill Center in Nashville or purchase the pieces online.

If you want to come to a SHED class, which I highly recommend, let me know and I will get you a free class (new clients only).  They also have SHED Strength Sessions which are 30 Minute Private Training Sessions.  It is one of my favorite workouts in Nashville.  The trainers are wonderful and they cater to all fitness levels.  The clientele at SHED is second to none.  Everyone is super friendly and very welcoming!  Be prepared to get sweaty, feel amazing and look fabulously fit!



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