Thursday, March 5, 2015

What I Am Lovin' Thursday!

Well guess what?!  Snow Day AGAIN in Nashvegas!  I love snow but I would totally be ok with not seeing it anymore this year.

So I have been taking pictures to remind me of what I need to blog about and there are a bunch of things that I love right if you care....keep reading!

The KEEP App

If you are not looking for another app to be addicted to, I would suggest to scroll past this one.  A friend of mine introduced me to this great shopping experience.  Just imagine Pinterest, but even cleaner with a way to directly purchase the item in the app.  Just try it, and thank me later :)

I got a new shipment last week and I love all the new bracelets I received.  Email me at if you are interested in any of these!

(As Seen on Gossip Girl)

I wore the Amelie Bracelet with the Pave Necklace and Rebel Necklace!

So I don't really ever break out but lately I have had a few places on my chin that have been driving me crazy.  I researched and when you break out in that area it is usually due to stress or too much sugar.  Yea, I believe that!  This stuff is AMAZING! It is almost like calamine lotion for your blemishes.  You literally use a Q-Tip, dip it in the pink solution and dab it on your face.  Then you sleep in it and like magic, your blemish is gone!  Now, you DO NOT look cute or sexy with pink dots on your hubby asked me where my retainer was before we went to bed.  So I wouldn't advise a selfie!

Last weekend, Dave and I went to City Winery for Brunch.  I purchased a coupon on Travelzoo for $29.00.  It included 2 brunch drinks and 2 entrees.  The drinks are so great!  I started with a Hopped Mimosa which had grapefruit bitters and it was outstanding.  My second drink was the Sobro Blues which was prosecco, blueberry liqueur, lemon juice and a fresh giant blackberry!

Dave's Regular Mimosa and my Hopped Mimosa

Sobro Blues

We also had the biscuit beignets that were phenomenal.  We ordered them with apple butter instead of the tomato jam they come with. 

I sadly didn't take a photo of our entrees, because I was starving and forgot.  Dave got the basic City Winery Breakfast that came with Eggs, Bacon, Sausage, Potatoes and Toast.  I had the Meat Fritatta that was just perfect with Sausage, Bacon, Ham and Feta.  It was just the right size!

I highly recommend trying it out and make sure to get the coupon on Travelzoo!

Happy Snow Day!

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